About Me

Hi, I Am Kate Witteveen

I’m a proud Mum of three gorgeous kids, wife of one handsome husband, author, coach, facilitator, and recovering perfectionist.

According to the Myers Briggs, I am an INFJ, which is the rarest personality type. I’m not sure if that makes me interesting or weird, but it does mean that:

  • I love people, but not too many of them at once.
  • I am quiet but not necessarily shy.
  • I enjoy deep conversations, but small talk makes me uncomfortable.
  • I like to think about things in detail but make decisions quickly.
  • I fall somewhere between a nerd and an intuit. I value evidence but sometimes know things without knowing how I know them.

A few years ago, I experienced a significant burnout. A stop-you-in-your-tracks, you-have-nothing-left-to-give kind of burnout. Cue career pivot and existential crisis.

Trying to figure out who I was when I wasn’t an academic anymore was hard. And scary.

BUT it took me on a journey of self-reflection and discovery for which I am incredibly grateful.

I realised that I had spent so much time and energy being “good” and trying to be all things to all people, that I had lost myself in the process.

I was running on empty because I never stopped to fill myself up.

So, I took inventory of my life, got clarity about what really mattered, what I was good at, and how I wanted to BE.

Armed with that knowledge, I created a new path for myself.

Now, I am on a mission to liberate others from the tyranny of being good.

My purpose is to accompany others on their journey of self-discovery that leads to their version of happiness, fulfilment, and success.

It is my mission to empower those who feel stuck to navigate through their pivotal point, to see what is on the other side of their stuckness.

My personal vision is “excellence through connection”.

My core values are authenticity, courage, contribution, and wisdom.

Together, these fuel my greatest desire to help others to dream big and live their most fulfilling lives, whilst I aspire to do the same.

If you can relate to any of this, here are a few things you may be interested in:

Download a free sample of my book, “Why being good can be bad for you: How to get clarity, confidence and courage to step out of stuckness”.

Purchase “Why being good can be bad for you: How to get clarity, confidence and courage to step out of stuckness”.

Download the free implementation guide “Breaking free from being good” which is a companion to “Why being good can be bad for you: How to get clarity, confidence and courage to step out of stuckness”.

My favourite thing is supporting others in their journey to find their best selves by releasing their “good” selves.

If you would like to learn more about how I can support you as a coach, counsellor, or program facilitator, please feel free to schedule a chat.

I work in person and online, so geography is not an issue. It’s free and no obligation whatsoever. Click here to schedule your free 30 minute chat: https://astuteconsultingservicesappointment.as.me/discovery

I look forward to connecting with you!